They're all going to laugh at you

Stupid LJ secrets
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This is the place to post stupid or lulzy secrets that you happen upon elsewhere on the interwebs. If you are browsing a "secret" community and find any stupid or ridiculous or mock-worthy secrets share them here. We will laugh at them with you and make you feel validated.


1.) No 'omgz diz iz mai 1st post!!!!!' things. No one cares, just get the fuck out.
2.) Don't post music secrets unless they are actually stupid and more than 2 people will understand them. You won't get cool points for arguing about obscure bands, you'll just get mocked.
3.) No one cares about lj cuts. Porn is porn. You're supposed to be working, not playing with livejournal/yourself. LJ cuts are frowned upon. Post 100 porn secrets in a row, I don't care. Make a friends filter if you don't want to see this shit at work.
4.) Arguing and drama is encouraged because I hate you and I want you to be miserable.
5.) Please re upload the secrets on tinypic or photobucket or something. Don't hotlink! ljsecret doesn't like it, that hurts them more than the paper clips they "cut" with. Really.